Fellows of the AAOMR

American Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Fellows

Fellowship is an esteemed honor bestowed upon an Active or Associate member who has achieved noteworthy excellence in two of the following four areas: Research accomplishments, recognition as a distinguished teacher, reputation as an outstanding clinician, and leadership in our specialty.


AAOMR Fellows

Robert W. Beideman, DMD*
Laurie C. Carter, DDS, MA, PhD
Robert A. Cederberg, DDS
C. Larry Crabtree, DDS, MS
Clifton E. Crandell, DDS, MS, Med
Nicholas C. Darzenta, DMD, DDS
Allan G Farman BDS, PhD, DSc
Herbert H. Frommer, DDS
S. Julian Gibbs, DDS, PhD*
Robert A. Goepp, DDS, PhD*
Arthur D.Goren, DMD
Barton M. Gratt, DDS
Charles F. Hildebolt, DDS, PhD
Lars G. Hollender, DDS
Orlen N. Johnson, DDS, MS*
Myron J. Kasle, DDS, MSD
Ramesh K. Kuba, BDS, MSD
Robert P. Langlais, DDS, MS
Olaf E. Langland, DDS, MS*
Gerald E. Longhurst, DDS, MScD, FRCD©
Alan Lurie, DDS, PhD
Lincoln R. Manson-Hing, DMD, MS
Stephen R. Matteson, DDS*
Byron May, DDS
Paul T. McDavid, DDS, MS
Fred M. Medwedeff, DDS
James W. Miller, DDS, MS*
Farouk A. Mourshed, DDS, MSc
Arnold R. Neely, DMD, FACD
M. Kevin O Carroll, BDS, MSD
Karl-Ake H. Omnell, DDS, PhD*
Jon K. Park, DDS, MS
Clyde R. Parks, DDS*
Arthur Z. Ponce, DDS, MA
Brad J. Potter, DDS, MS
John W. Preece, DDS, MSD
John A. Reid, DDS*
Albert G. Richards, BS, MS
Axel Ruprecht, DDS, MScD, FRCD©
Richard F. Schmitz, DDS, MS
Michael K. Shrout, DMD, FAGD
Francis H. Sippy, BS, Med
Kavas H. Thunthy, BDS, MS, Med
Reed Tuckson, DDS, MSc
William R. Wege, DDS, MS
Donald D. Weissman, DDS
Stuart C. White, DDS, PhD
Arthur H. Wuehrmann, DMD, BS
Allan G. Farman, BDS, PhD, DSc
Mel L. Kantor, DDS, MPH, PhD

* Deceased